Est. 2015  London, ON CA


Calithumpian advocates for innovative strategies in both the performance and the business of theatre management methodology. We align ourselves with professional practices to attract highly skilled and professional creatives and like-minded community sponsors and funders, resulting in productions of exceptional quality and innovation, designed for the enjoyment of our patrons.

We partner openly and fully with our artists and our patrons, and by committing to understanding their needs, passions, and challenges, believe we can best serve the members, the company, and the community.  


We seek out opportunities to benefit the actors, crew, and artistic staff who inspire us with their incredible talent, their generosity of time and their enthusiasm and passion for theatre.


We create impactful and responsive arts education and community engagement opportunities to connect audiences to the significance of relevant works and themes.


We are committed to community outreach and charitable giving. We actively pursue opportunities to contribute in meaningful ways to our community. We seek positive alliances with like-minded groups or individuals with the aim of furthering theatre and the arts in a healthy and positive construct. We provide sponsorship and funding opportunities to further this goal.

Calithumpian Theatre Collective

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