At Calithumpian Theatre Company we believe that our support of the arts in our community should extend beyond the fourth wall and outside of the theatre into other artistic disciplines whenever possible.  We are pleased to be sponsoring our first artist-in-residence who has set up a studio in our rehearsal hall for the purposes of their own work and will also be available to create works of art for upcoming theatre productions.


Margot Stothers brilliantly recreated Mark Rothko's Seagram's murals for our November 2017 production of RED by John Logan and we are thrilled to have Margot as Calithumpian's first artist-in-residence.


Margot Stothers is a visual artist and a language researcher. Margot studied art at HB Beal Secondary School in London, and at OCAD University in Toronto.  At Beal, she created her first set decoration, a 20’ x 25’ cheesecloth scrim for a production of Lil’ Abner. Margot graduated from OCAD with honours and a Forsythe scholarship for painting. She has participated in shows at the McIntosh, Forest City, and Michael Gibson galleries in London, and Gallery 80 in Toronto. Her paintings and drawings are in collections in Canada and the US. She has donated work to fundraisers for arts organizations like the Forest City Gallery and The Arts Project, as well as to the AIDS Committee of London. She was a Board member of the Forest City Gallery, London’s only artist-run centre, from 1998 to 2003. She has been an actor in community theatre productions in London since 2010. Her formal interests include scale, high and low tech contrasts, and colour perception. The focus of her current work is on visual art in the age of visual clutter; synaesthesia; and neurodiversity.


Margot also has a diploma in Art Therapy, an undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences. It turns out that designing experiments and writing about them is the same exercise in creativity as is painting. Creators balance simultaneously the small bits – a semi-colon or a brush stroke – with the vision of the finished manuscript or canvas. Exploring what happens as pieces fit together and form a whole, or a gestalt is engaging, sometimes frustrating, and endlessly satisfying. The CTC team are experts in gestalt creation. They balance text, actors, environment, sound, light, and the myriad details that audiences don’t see or hear, with the goal of a great production. Being CTC’s first artist in residence is a wonderful opportunity to learn from and collaborate with artists in different fields, and to be a part of a larger effort to bring innovative live theatre to London. 


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Neural Nets 1, 2, and 3 are acrylic paintings by Margot Stothers for our February 2018 production of NEXT TO NORMAL.  All three were in The ARTS Project theatre during the run. 


The paintings were inspired by the mind-altering experiences of characters in 'Next to Normal', as well as Margot’s research interests in brain activity. Pictured below is also Neural Nets 4, which at the time of posting Margot was working to complete.


"One of the things that happened when I started painting the neurons is that they turned into Goodman family portraits... didn't plan it, it just happened.  Diana, Gabe (the one covered in white), Natalie, and Dan...isolated from Diana and only partly in Gabe's light...see it? Diana and Gabe are almost one ... a happy the one I am still working on, Dan is almost off the canvas (deliberately this time). and in both, Natalie can't reach Diana."


If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please contact Margot.  


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